Hi! I am Ogün Kızmaz, an artist and a blockchain enthusiast. I would like to tell you briefly about myself, and then about my project that I am continuing with a great enthusiasm.

In its most basic sense, IMOK is an artist’s journey. One of the distinguishing features of this journey is its affinity with impressionism. Along with my admiration for the attitude of the impressionists among the art movements, my relationship with art has evolved in that direction. If I need to open this issue a little bit; for me, the perfect line is the line that is formed at that particular moment, and that line is a magical representation of that time period. In this regard, being able to show the feeling of time traveling through the eyes of an observer is one of my biggest concerns.

Ogün KIZMAZ - Artist & Blockchain Enthusiast



About Collection

My current project is to prepare 999 hand drawings. As IMOK, every day without exception, I draw and express my impression of that day with colors and lines. I create my own NFT diary with each day’s unique expression. One of the most fun and exciting parts of this project is that it is the story of a development. I have an urge to learn more and more about programming and new digital techniques, and I will add what I learn from these to my artworks through my IMOK character. (I have had traditional painting education and it is one of my biggest strengths, but I am new to the digital world and I aim to learn and develop 3D techniques and even more, and then apply them to my 2D drawings.)

ImOK - NFT ART Collection

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Need a custom made feeling art, feel free to write how you feel. When I read your message it will combine with my feeling and my art will reflect.